© 2015 Achim Neufeld

© 2015 Achim Neufeld

Anselm Skogstad (born 1983 in Starnberg, Germany) is a German-American photojournalist. He lives in Munich, Germany working internationally.

“It inspires and motivates me to push boundaries and create insight into stories worth telling!” — Anselm Skogstad

Anselm Skogstad is affiliated with Woo Hoo Hearts, a collaboration of selected artists and individuals worldwide. They all share the joy of implementing the universally known symbol of love within their work. For Woo Hoo Hearts, Anselm Skogstad creates designs of words and text implementing the symbol of the heart.


San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
International Center of Photography, New York, NY
Magnum Photos, New York, NY